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Handcrafted cymbals

Amazing-sounding, affordable cymbals made by artisans using premium materials: Zultan cymbals bring out the best in your drumming, whatever the genre.

We at Zultan are on a mission to make amazing-sounding, handmade cymbals available to players on any budget. Honoring the traditions of artisanal workmanship in cymbal-making, our cymbals are handmade from the best materials.

During the first twenty years of our company history, we’ve refined and expanded our portfolio, guided by our passion to provide players with incredible-sounding but affordable cymbals.

Zultan cymbals are hand-hammered from premium bronze using time-honored techniques. We put the know-how of our experienced craftsmen into the service of modern players, continually expanding our expertise and product portfolio to offer outstanding instruments for all styles and genres.

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