The History of Zultan

The Zultan brand was established in spring 2000 by Martin Hofmann, who at that time owned a music shop in Germany called “Musik-Service Aschaffenburg”, with his brother Johannes. Martin wanted to present an alternative to the established manufacturers, whose prices had risen sharply, and was confident that he could offer high quality cymbals at much lower prices.

Martin began a search for artisans producing cymbals using traditional techniques. He soon found what he was looking for in Turkey, and ultimately established a new brand of cymbals under the name Zultan. The goal was to import high-quality cymbals directly from manufacturers that were relatively unknown in Europe and offer traditional craftsmanship and high-grade materials at a fair price.

Zultan’s first “Rock Beat” series, which is hand-crafted in Turkey, rapidly became an insider’s tip and enjoys great popularity to this day. Meanwhile, Zultan has grown into a brand offering ten series of cymbals and more than 150 products, becoming a Thomann GmbH store brand in 2011. Zultan has firmly established itself in the market and is aimed at beginners and amateurs as well as professional touring and studio drummers.

The selection is geared towards the demands of the modern drummer and comprises an immense variety of cymbals for every style and personal taste—ranging from single cymbals in many different sizes through complete sets to various effect cymbals. All cymbals are carefully tuned to avoid discrepancies in sound, appearance and weight, and are distributed exclusively by Musikhaus Thomann.

A new cymbal is born

From the blazing furnaces of Istanbul to the world’s biggest music stages:
Watch step by step how our cymbals are made.

After melting the copper and tin, the “lava” is filled into small pots.

Rolling / Heating
Blanks are repeatedly rolled and heated until they are the right size and thickness.

Bell Press
The press shapes the cymbal and presses the bell shape into its centre.

The hole for the cymbal stand is drilled.

This is the most critical part of creating a cymbal. Depending on the size of the hammer, the number of hammer marks and the position the hammer hits the surface, the cymbal achieves its unique character and sound.

The milling process gives the cymbal its shape and surface look; it also allows for adjustments in thickness.

The polishing protects the cymbal’s surface from dust and dirt and provides a longer life.

Logo Printing
The Logo is printed by hand on each cymbal.


All Zultan cymbals are crafted according to three clear, simple
principles that apply equally to an inexpensive beginners’s set
and a classy premium ride: Zultan stands for hand-hammered
made of premium bronze alloy at an attractive price.

The Series

Zultan cymbals are made from high-quality bell bronze with an alloy ratio of 80% copper and 20% tin. The only exception is the CS series, which contains 25% tin and possesses its own distinct sonic characteristics. The sonic variance within any one series is very small.

Zultan cymbal series in chronological order:












This is the Rock Beat Series of Zultan

The Rock Beat series was the first series of cymbals offered under the Zultan brand. (...) Show Series

This is the Aja Series of Zultan

As the name “Aja” suggests, the cymbals of this series are the only Zultan cymbals produced in China. (...) Show Series

This is the Q Series of Zultan

The hand-hammered cymbals of the Zultan Q series are easily distinguishable from regular cymbals by their looks. (...) Show Series

This is the F5 Series of Zultan

The F5 series was named after the classification system for the wind speed and destructive force of tornadoes. This series contains Zultan’s loudest cymbals, perfect for drummers who love to let it rip. (...) Show Series

This is the CS Series of Zultan

There are only a few cymbal makers who possess the ability to process B25 bronze in a way that results in cymbals equally as durable as B20 cymbals. (...) Show Series

This is the Caz Series of Zultan

The Caz cymbals are somewhat thinner and lighter than traditional Turkish cymbals. They offer a rapid response and rich harmonic content yet their volume range is not overpowering. (...) Show Series

This is the Z Series of Zultan

The Z series meets all the expectations anyone could have of classic Turkish cymbals made from cast B20 bronze. (...) Show Series

This is the Dark Matter Series of Zultan

The Zultan Dark Matter series was introduced in the autumn of 2013. The cymbals receive their extraordinary, dark look from submerging them in a special liquid, before the resulting layer is polished with bronze fragments. (...) Show Series

This is the RAW Series of Zultan

The RAW series was introduced in 2016. Instead of being milled, these cymbals are left in their raw state after an elaborate hammering process, resulting in their extraordinary look. (...) Show Series

This is the Heritage Series of Zultan

The Heritage series was created to honour the legacy of genius cymbal makers of the past. Each cymbal is meticulously hand-crafted according to ancient traditions and meets the highest standards. (...) Show Series

This is the Dune Series of Zultan

The Dune Series cymbals are hand hammered and made of B20 bronze alloy. (...) Show Series