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Our product range offers useful accessories for drummers, including a stick bag to keep your sticks and other valuable items safe, a backpack for your laptop and recording gear, drum sticks made of US hickory and, of course, drum rugs to keep your setup in place.

Our Product Range

Sticks & Brushes

All our sticks are treated with natural, sustainably produced oils and waxes. They feel great and play even better.

Signature Niklas Kahl

Swoosh Stick

Nylon Wire Brush

Rods Bamboo

SD4 Hickory

Jazz Hickory

5BX Hickory

5AX Hickory

2B Hickory

5B Hickory

55A Hickory

5A Hickory

7A Hickory

Stick Bags

Zultan Cymbals offers high-quality stick bags made from both leather and cordura materials. These stick bags provide excellent protection for your drumsticks while keeping them easily accessible during performances and practice sessions. The leather bags are made from premium materials and feature a sleek design, while the cordura bags are lightweight and durable, perfect for on-the-go drumming. Both types of stick bags offer ample storage space for multiple pairs of sticks and come with comfortable shoulder straps.

Leather Stick Bag Tan Brown

Leather Stick Bag Vintage

Leather Stick Bag Red

Leather Stick Bag Black

The Stick Bag

Drum Rugs

Our Drum Rugs are perfect for drummers who want to keep their drum sets stable and secure during performances and practice sessions. These high-quality rugs feature a non-slip bottom layer and a durable top layer that prevents drum sets from sliding around on stage. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different drum sets.

Drum Rug Oriental II

Drum Rug Oriental

Drum Rug Black Orbit

Drum Rug BK

Drum Rug Gold


From high-quality Cordura cymbal bags to practice pads, orchestra cymbal accessories, and backpacks, Zultan has everything you need to enhance your drumming journey.

24" Cymbal Case

5A Hickory Value Pack

Stick Starter Set

10" Workout Pad

24" Cymbal Bag

BR1M Cymbal Straps Medium

BL2 Cymbal Pads Small

BL1 Cymbal Pads Large

BR2 Cymbal Straps Slim

BR1 Cymbal Straps Wide

BG1 Cymbal Handles

Laptop Backpack