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A perfect addition
to your cymbals

Get the right accessories for your Zultan cymbals,

and show everyone which tribe you belong to.


Our product range offers useful accessories for drummers, including a stick bag to keep your sticks and other valuable items safe, a backpack for your laptop and recording gear, drum sticks made of US hickory, drum rugs to keep your setup in place – and, of course, t-shirts to show everyone which tribe you belong to.

Accessories & Merch

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Leather Stick Bag Tan Brown

Leather Stick Bag Vintage

Leather Stick Bag Red

Leather Stick Bag Black

BL2 Cymbal Pads Small

BL1 Cymbal Pads Large

BR2 Cymbal Straps Slim

BR1 Cymbal Straps Wide

BG1 Cymbal Handles

Laptop Backpack

The Stick Bag

Drum Rug Gold

Drum Rug BK

Logo T-Shirt L

Cymbal T-Shirt L

BR1M Cymbal Straps Medium

Logo T-Shirt M

Anniversary Glam Logo XXL

Anniversary Glam Logo XXXL

Anniversary Glam Logo Shirt L

Anniversary Glam Logo Shirt XL

Anniversary Glam Logo Shirt S

Anniversary Glam Logo Shirt M

7A White Hickory Wood Tip

5B White Hickory Wood Tip

5A White Hickory Wood Tip

55F Pro-Stick Serie by Wincent

5B Pro-Stick Series by Wincent

7A Pro-Stick Series by Wincent

5A Pro-Stick Series by Wincent

Jazz-Rock Hickory Wood Tip

7A Hickory Wood Tip

DW Hickory Wood Tip

5B Hickory Wood Tip

5A Hickory Wood Tip