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Zultan Frequently Asked Questions:

Want to find out more about Zultan? Here are the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Yes and no! That depends on which series you choose. We try to set a uniform standard, which is difficult to achieve with hand-hammered cymbals.

Our tip: Try out the cymbals, because every hand-hammered cymbal sounds slightly different, even if it is from the same series and in the same size.

All Zultan Cymbals products are distributed by Thomann.

The long-standing cooperation guarantees the best service.

Every package you receive from us is insured. So if you receive a damaged cymbal, you can simply return it via the Thomann customer service and receive a new one.

It depends on what you want to play. If you play loud music, we recommend bright-sounding cymbals in the medium to heavy weight class. If you want to play softly and delicate, e.g. at an unplugged gig, you should use light, darker sounding cymbals with less sustain.

But there is no rule here and we are of course always available for advice.

Of course you can. We have a huge selection in the Thomann Shop in Treppendorf/Germany. If you don’t live nearby, you can also get live advice from one of our employees via video chat… almost as if you were there!

It depends… Are you a touring drummer, a studio musician or an influencer? If any of these apply and you have a good reach, be it through concerts, record sales or social media, chances are good. But there are no hard and fast rules, so if you’re thinking about it, drop us a line!

In fact, there are differences not only in appearance, but also in sound. While the Brilliant cymbals sound sharp and distinct, the Natural cymbals are more delicate and blend organically into the mix. Individual playing styles can relativise the differences, but the characteristic and sound colour of the cymbal are always dominant.

Basically, we have everything a drummer’s heart desires!

This includes:

  • Cymbal Bags
  • Stick Bags
  • Drum Rugs
  • Sticks and Brushes
  • Backpacks
  • Practice Pads

Of course you can get all this in the Thomann Shop.

It should be no problem to fit all your cymbals in the Zultan Cymbal Bag. From a small splash to a 24″ ride cymbal, you can fit it all! There’s even room for your stick bag and other small gadgets.

Our “way to go” is hickory, as it is a very robust wood that has proven to be the first choice for drumsticks for many decades. On the cymbal, it provides a clear attack and excellent rebound.

Our range goes from light 7A Jazz sticks to the 2B Rock stick for heavy hitters. Of course we also provide brushes and mallets.

But of course! No one is excluded here…

The best thing to do is to take a look at our Orchestra Series. Here you’ll find everything from mallets and straps to a wide range of special orchestra cymbals.

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