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Zultan 20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary
Limited Cymbal Set

A beautiful spectrum of textures that shine in a wide variety of musical contexts. And it’s all down to the craftsman’s hammer!

We have thought of something really special to celebrate our anniversary. Something out of the ordinary, that will add value to any setup, as well as work perfectly on its own.


The special look and sound is due to a special hammering method. To make it even more valuable, the set is limited to 75 pieces in total.

Handmade out of B20 Bronze, our limited Anniversary cymbals provide an earthy sound with medium dry decay and articulate response.


The cymbals are meticulously hammered in several stages, with extra care taken during the finishing stage.


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The 20th Anniversary Limited Cymbal Set

The Limited Set contains a special combination of high class cymbals in dedicated sizes.

The 20th Anniversary cymbals sets contains the following cymbals

20th Anniversary 22" Ride

20th Anniversary 19" Crash

20th Anniversary 15" Crash

20th Anniversary 15" Hi-Hat

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