Q Series

Extravagant performance

Extravagance with
a warm mood

The nice two-tone finish makes the Q Series pop with that very special look and well-balanced sound.


The blanks are made of high-quality B20 bronze. After hammering, which takes about 4000 strokes for an 18” cymbal, only part of the top surface is milled, producing an extravagant appearance. In contrast, the underside is milled across the entire surface.

Finally, the entire cymbal is sealed and polished with wax. Due to the special milling process, the Q series cymbals are slightly sturdier; their volume lies between the Rock Beat and F5 series.

Q Series

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10" Q Splash

Hard Softstick

12" Q Splash

Hard Softstick

23" Q Ride

Hard Softstick

21" Q Ride

Hard Softstick

22" Q Ride

Hard Softstick

19" Q Crash

Hard Softstick

Q Series Professional Set


Q Series Standard Set


20" Q Ride


14" Q Hi-Hat


18" Q Crash


17" Q Crash


15" Q Crash


16" Q Crash


14" Q Crash


Warm and

sound wave

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