Heritage Series

Handcrafted for

highest standards

Tradition & sophistication

Warm crash and hi-hat sounds and shimmery rides with a strong bell: Our Heritage cymbals are the perfect choice for demanding drummers.


Each cymbal is meticulously hand-crafted according to ancient traditions and meets the highest standards. Even at first sight, it is easy to spot the intricate tooling achieved with various hammers. An extraordinarily high amount of hammer strokes per cymbal ensures that the B20 bronze is highly compacted. This results in a fantastic sound with rich harmonics.

While the volume of these cymbals is in the mid range, they have no problem asserting themselves in a wide variety of musical genres and can be used for all applications.

Heritage Series

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Heritage Cymbal Set

no sound sample available

22" Heritage Crash

Hard Softstick

Heritage Grand Cymbal Set

no sound sample available

12" Heritage Splash

Hard Softstick

09" Heritage Splash

Hard Softstick

10" Heritage Splash

Hard Softstick

19" Heritage China

Hard Softstick

18" Heritage China

Hard Softstick

20" Heritage Crash

Hard Softstick

17" Heritage China

Hard Softstick

19" Heritage Crash

Hard Softstick

18" Heritage Crash

Hard Softstick

16" Heritage Crash

Hard Softstick

17" Heritage Crash

Hard Softstick

24" Heritage Ride

Hard Softstick

22" Heritage Ride

Hard Softstick

20" Heritage Ride

Hard Softstick

21" Heritage Ride

Hard Softstick

16" Heritage Hi-Hat


13" Heritage Hi-Hat


15" Heritage Hi-Hat


14" Heritage Hi-Hat


Classic Turkish, traditional sound

sound wave

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