F5 Series

High volume, high gloss

Thick & Shiny

Our F5 cymbals are much more massive than other cymbals. With its beautiful polished high-gloss finish, the F5 series is Zultan’s heaviest and brightest series.


This series offers Zultan’s loudest cymbals, perfect for drummers who love to let it rip.


The thicker B20 blanks have more mass, are shaped with a larger hammer and polished to a high gloss after milling. Yet the hi-hat, ride and bell cymbals are also suitable for those who prefer things a bit softer.

F5 Series

Check out all F5 products below!

12" F5 Splash

no sound sample available

10" F5 Splash

no sound sample available

22" F5 Metal Ride

no sound sample available

21" F5 Metal Ride

no sound sample available

F5 Series Standard Set


07" F5 Pure Bell


06" F5 Pure Bell


08" F5 Big Bell


22" F5 Ride

Hard Softstick

17" F5 Crash


18" F5 Crash


20" F5 Ride


14" F5 Hi-Hat


16" F5 Crash


19" F5 Crash


Voluminous, assertive, piercing

sound wave

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