Caz Series

Rapid response

for mellow beats

& beautiful

In addition to its super-thin and sleaky elegant design, the hand-casted CAZ series offers a rapid response and rich harmonic content.


The Caz cymbals are somewhat thinner and lighter than traditional Turkish cymbals. They offer a rapid response and rich harmonic content yet their volume range is not overpowering. Similar to the Rock Beat series cymbals, they are delicately milled on the top and bottom, sealed with a special wax and only lightly polished.


The material used is hand-cast B20 bronze (20% tin and 80% copper).

Caz Series

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24" Caz Ride

no sound sample available

21" Caz Crash

no sound sample available

20" Caz Crash

no sound sample available

Caz Series Standard Set


Caz Series Professional Set


22" Caz Ride

Soft Hardstick

21" Caz Ride Sizzle

Soft Hardstick

21" Caz Ride

Soft Hardstick

19" Caz Crash/Ride

Soft Hardstick

20" Caz Ride

Soft Hardstick

18" Caz Crash

Soft Hardstick

17" Caz Crash

Soft Hardstick

15" Caz Hi-Hat


16" Caz Crash

Soft Hardstick

13" Caz Hi-Hat


14" Caz Hi-Hat


Soft, full, traditional, “washy”

sound wave

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