Aja Series

Every beginner´s choice

Quality on a budget

The Aja series is the perfect start into the world of hand-hammered cymbals made from cast B20 bronze
– get serious quality for a bargain!


They present an attractive alternative to other inexpensive cymbals as one of only a few in their price range made of cast B20 bronze.

Aja Series

Check out all Aja products below!

Aja Profi Bundle

Hard Softstick

Aja Fusion - Funk Bundle

Hard Softstick

Aja Standard Cymbal Bundle

Hard Softstick

20" Aja Ride

Hard Softstick

20" Aja Crash

Hard Softstick

19" Aja Crash

Hard Softstick

08" Aja Splash

Hard Softstick

12" Aja Splash

Hard Softstick

10" Aja Splash

Soft Hardstick

14" Aja Hi-Hat


13" Aja Hi-Hat


18" Aja Crash

Hard Softstick

17" Aja Crash

Hard Softstick

16" Aja Crash

Hard Softstick

14" Aja Crash

Soft Hardstick

18" Aja China

Soft Hardstick

16" Aja China

Soft Hardstick

Clear and Brilliant

sound wave

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