Zultan Emerging Talents Award 2021




To help encourage more diversity in the music industry and to promote emerging young talents, we’ve teamed up with the minds behind the international „Hit Like A Girl“ competition aiming to promote young female drummers and support them in making their way into the music industry. We’ve selected four incredibly talented female drummers from the competition who we’re proud to sponsor as winners of the Zultan Emerging Talents Award 2021.




Hi, I’m Lola! I’m 11 years old and I have been playing proper drums since I was 5. My biggest drumming influences? That would be Jeff Porcaro, Steve White, Dorothea Taylor, Dom Famularo and Casey Grillo. I also follow drummers like Domino Santantonio, Cherisse Osei and Holly Madge. They’re not only influences, as female drummers they’re also role models. In addition to drumming, I surf, skateboard, do yoga, play cricket, hang-out with friends, read books and I’m in a dance group (tap is my favourite). I would love to become a professional drummer when I am older and my dream is to play in a band. For now, I am working with my school to set up a bucket drum club for our nursery which I also want to help teach. If I can inspire other kids to love drumming even half as much as I do, we can rock the world.

Hi, my name is Amy Harrison and I am from Bolton, UK. I am 17 years old and I have been drumming for around 6 years. I am currently studying music at college as one of my A Levels where I have performed as part of a band and drummed in my school’s musical. I hope to pursue a career in music whether that is performing in a band, working as a session drummer or as a music therapist.
Drumming allows me to express my creativity with freedom and it is incredibly therapeutic. Last year, during the lockdown, I created my YouTube channel and Instagram account for entertainment and began to share my drum covers to the world. Through this, I have met and collaborated with so many talented musicians who have all motivated me to continue this journey and challenge myself with more complex and explore a variety of styles.

Hi, my Name is Gabrielle O´Neill, i am 12 years old and I live in New Jersey. One day, I dream of traveling the world to play and entertain with drums. After the Hit Like a Girl Drum Contest, I attended the National Jazz Festival and got to speak with Ray Brinker from the Big Phat band over zoom. After this zoom lesson, I created a beat with only rudiments. Drumming is an art that I love because it combines freedom with discipline. I am inspired by artists such as Cindy Blackman and Andrés Patrick Forero. Drumming uses my entire soul and all my senses. Sometimes, it is the process of learning something and the frustration involved that makes the reward so sweet. Drumming and music has given me freedom, discipline, bravery and dreams all in a year when the pandemic created such confinement, loss and fear.

Violet Port is a 16 year old, self-taught drummer from Northwest Indiana. Violet began learning to play on the bottom side of a bucket almost four years ago while watching videos of Casey Cooper and Josh Dun on YouTube. Since then she has gained the nickname ‘BANGZILLA’ and began posting drum videos on Instagram and YouTube. Drums became a passion and an outlet for her and she plans to never stop hitting as hard as she can. After starting out with an upside-down bucket and a pair of Josh Dun signature drumsticks, she had become completely addicted to the feeling of playing drums. It quickly became an outlet and a passion that was completely worth all of the bloody fingers. After over a year of spending countless hours perfecting all of her favorite songs, she began sharing videos to Instagram and Youtube.

Hit Like A Girl is the international contest for female drummers, percussionists and beat makers. Its purpose is to showcase and encourage drumming and lifelong musicianship for girls, women and gender expansive individuals, regardless of age, playing level or geographic location. The event is produced by Hit Like A Girl, Inc. and made possible by the generous support of artists, individuals and companies in the music and music products industries. The Contest was conceived in 2011 by drum industry veteran David Levine, Founder/Publisher of Tom Tom Magazine Mindy Abovitz Monk, and Phil Hood and Andy Doerschuk of DRUM! Magazine— executives who felt that females were underserved and under-represented in the drumming and beatmaking communities. Since then the contest has attracted 5000+ contestants from more than 50 countries. It has generated tens of millions of impressions and fan votes around the world and it has raised the visibility of female drummers, percussionists and beat makers.